#SXSurival Day 1

The five people you meet at day 1 of SXSW Interactive (as a newbie):

1) The super friendly person who will share an umbrella with you in the rain, and proceed to call you by the state from which you hail. Cue super cool nickname you wish was real. “So, CT, how long have you been in town?” 

2) The overly ambitious person who jams so many industry terms and buzzwords into a sentence that you wonder if they’re joking with you. “What’s your career trajectory? How do you see yourself parlaying this information into usable content? How do you manage the digital divide?”

3) The newbie who is waaaay cooler than you but doesn’t seem to realize it. You’re from WHERE? You own WHAT? ….That jacket is super cool. Why are you still talking to me? Can we be best friends forever?

4) That one person who is too hip to network. Look, dude, I’m only here for the free taco. You don’t have to talk to me. Just thought we might share an interest in free tacos. 

5) Pete Cashmore of Mashable. Because the world just wanted you to.

Final thoughts: Lines suck. Be obnoxiously early. Take the free poncho. Drink the moonshine. There will always be more tacos. Write everything down. Pee whenever the opportunity presents itself. Be critical of your speakers- not everything they say is gold. Challenge your own thinking. 


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