Day Thirty: Oh thank god.

Well, that was a learning experience.

I’m thrilled it’s day 30. That means I accomplished…something. I’m not sure what yet. I’m shocked I made it all the way through. On day 3, I was baffled as to how I was going to have 27 more ideas for blog entries. Somehow, each day a random idea would get me going.

I’ll be the first to admit that there are a lot of duds in here. Some days where I felt like  was going to have to slam my hand in a door to jar my brain into working. Days I bargained with myself that I had to create ANYTHING, it didn’t need to be good, I just couldn’t bail on myself. On the other hand, there were days I couldn’t even eat until I had written, because I had something that needed to be said. There were even days I found myself mildly amusing. And there were the few times I dropped the social media and Public Relations angles and just wrote as my surprisingly personal self. (Sorry for getting all emo on you guys there.)

This little project was a catalyst for me. It reminded me just how much I love to be opinionated. It helped me to remember how I can waste hours reading and writing without ever feeling a minute pass. It pushed me out of my life lull and caused some pretty huge changes. I got the hell out of my own way and decided life was too short for editing.

Thank god for that. I’m officially terrified of the future. I’m pretty sure I just jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, and didn’t bother to bring a parachute. But it’s the adrenaline that’s going to make me survive. I know myself well enough to know that I will rest if there is safety in sight. Resting is no longer good enough, so I’ve created a big helping of danger.

Another lesson learned is that I would much rather put out a well-researched opinion, rather than a short sighted rant. That takes a bit of time. So, this little blog is going to take a short hiatus. I need a second to gather my thoughts, maybe solve the meaning of life, and feed the dog. Then I’ll be ready to brain-dump with the best of them.


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