Day Twenty-Six: The laziest post ever created.

Pressed for time and brain power, I’ve decided to write a bit about Public Relations. Mostly because I firmly believe I don’t have to back up my opinion with facts or other articles. I can pull a shoot-from-the-hip rant out of the air, and that’s totally Public Relations.

Public Relations isn’t so much about why we feel a certain way about something, just that we do. Why do you use one detergent over another? You think it works the best. Why? You’re not sure. Maybe it was something your mom told you. You use Mac products because they’re cooler. Why? Well, um, a bunch of reasons! You just can’t seem to name any at the moment. That’s Public Relations. A brand has snuck into your brain and latched on, and you can’t seem to ever remember NOT thinking a certain way about it.

For example, a girl who totally judges a boy based on the deodorant he uses. That’s me. It just occurred to me this morning that I will completely judge a boy if he uses Axe products. He will essentially become the equivalent of a “Jersey Shore” cast member. A highly amusing oddity, but not someone I would ever take seriously. Those stupid commercials with girls fighting over mannequins, the extreme sport stars as spokespeople. The whole thing turns me off as a female. (Also, the scents are disgustingly over powering to begin with.) It’s like wearing a shirt that says, “I think I’m super hot, and you’re going to bang me.” Really? We need to work on your communication skills.

Now, on the other hand, we have Old Spice. I couldn’t tell you what the Old Spice deodorant varieties smell like, but I approve! Why? Because they are fun loving and awesome, I tell ya! Just spend some time with Old Spice’s YouTube channel. They’re irrational and self-depricating. They have a tounge-in-cheek way of getting us to share a genuine laugh. Also, they displayed some kick-ass social media skills with personalized video responses to tweets. Nerd girls everywhere just got a little turned on. It’s what I imagine Joel McHale sprays on himself while telling a witty joke. Shirtless.

These arguments are paper thin and flimsy. But that’s the joy of Public Relations. Obviously, there are many components to the broad subject I’m hitting on, and a carefully plotted strategy. But the end result is an unspoken bond with a consumer.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I have strong opinions on these brands. Positive or negative, they have elicited a vibrant reaction from me, which is the basis for forming a customer relationship. I’m tuned into the message they’re sending, and I’m sending one back in return.


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