Day Twenty-Four: Pin what?

A little love and hate on a warm autumn night.

What I hate:

Attempting to learn new technology. I swear, I was born a year shy of being one of those youngsters who just intuitively understands every piece of technology available. My latest challenge has been the service Pinterest. The program was shared with me by the kick-ass team over at Julia Balfour. If they like it, it’s got to be pretty fantastic.

However, I have a bit of a learning curve. My grasp on the subject is that it’s an online, “pin board,” for you to put all the snazzy things that catch your eye on the Internet. You can organize your boards by subject matter, and share them with others. It reminds me of when we had to build a scrapbook of our likes in grade school and share them in front of the class. (“And this is a pony, because….I like ponies.”)

I love the concept. I’m a natural magazine ripper; stealing pages that have pictures, words, or even just colors that I like. Pinterest seems much more economical. Alas, my first few attempts have been blunders. My pins have proved unsucessful and cumbersome. I’ve approached the new challenge with what, I like to call, the caveman technique.

Essentially, I poke it with a stick, while grunting in its general direction. I’m on edge, just in case it makes any sudden movements. If it fails to do what I desire of it, I bellow in frustration and hit it with a rock. This is where Pinterest and I rest at the moment. To make matters worse, I received the following e-mail:

Pinterest welcomes me...and terrifies me.

Pin carefully? I’m helping set the tone for the whole community? NO NUDITY?!? Adding pressure is not helpful. I will master Pinterest. I will. But first I’m going to watch it while hiding behind a large rock for awhile.

Things I love:

Being right!!!

Okay, I can’t claim credit for predicting a trend that was already a trend when I jumped on board. However, I can still revel in its success. In case you’re wondering, Spotify and I are still going strong. A few more of my friends have joined, which I have attributed solely to my recommendations. This article about Facebook users sharing their music like crazy is the cherry on my sundae.

I totally called it! Those who think the music updates through their feed are annoying can bite me! That article has given me several new music services to explore as well. Maybe I’ll even end up cheating on Spotify. Regardless, I do love it when people agree with me.


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