Day Eighteen: Take a deep breath

Today, I did something very stupid. By all accounts, it could amount to be the single most detrimental thing I do in my young adult life. But I absolutely had to do it. I needed to do it to build myself.

At some point, we all have to realize that no magical scout is going to walk up to us and go, “YOU! You’re excellent. Here’s that dream job.” Once we’ve made that realization, we have two options. The first is to find something that works for you. It meets your needs. You find other areas of your life to pursue fulfillment in. The second option is to decide to declare yourself a product and start selling it. This is tricky; not all products are a good idea. Let’s think about adult onesies for a minute.

If you buy this, we can’t be friends anymore. 

See? Awful idea. (But weirdly enough, I have a feeling it’s going to make someone rich…) Being your own biggest supporter is a terrifying idea. First off, I’m fairly sure I’m a little delusional. No one else seems to have my quirky taste in various pop culture items. We’re taught that validation comes from sources outside of ourselves. Second of all, what do I do if no one gives a crap? That’s a very real possibility.

I’ve found comfort in this entirely unrelated article by Al Reis.

Marketing Vs. Branding. 

The thoughts I’m carrying with me come from the end of the article. Mr. Reis discusses products that were given up on too soon, only to have someone else succeed in the market with an incredibly similar idea. If you push marketing objectives just for sales, disappointment comes fast. Stick it out. Be the first, and you’ll be the first one customers think about.

The key to this idea is branding. I know that there a lot of definitions of branding out there, so I’m going with mine. Branding is a living and breathing existence. Everything you create, say, or share reflects your true persona. This applies to products and people. Give the world what you are. No B.S.

I’m going to be the first me. Chances are no one is going to buy in at first. I’ll need to focus on branding. I need to let everyone who’ll stop to listen know who I am through my actions, words, and ambitions. Maybe I’ll drive people crazy, but even then, I have a better chance of being remembered. What I did today might be my equivalent of an adult onesie. Probably a very bad idea, but I’m going to jump on my own bandwagon. Nothing would crush me more than never even trying.

Yes, this was written to try to stave off a panic attack from fear of the unknown.


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