Day Fourteen: This is a post, I swear.

Full disclosure: I’m struggling for inspiration today. After a poor night of sleep due to our lovely little Halloween Nor’Easter, I’m feeling very devoid of word-vomit. The only solution is to make like Fellini and write a blog about writing a blog.

Back in the 60’s Federico Fellini made a film called, “8 1/2.” The entire premise of the flick focused on a film maker trying to make a movie with no inspiration. It’s an excellent movie. However, I’m not going to lie. I did fall asleep during it. It was late, and sub-titles make my eyes heavy. Now, re-make the film with musical numbers, and sassy leading ladies. Call it, “Nine,” and I’ll wake right back up.

Step one in creating a blog: Setting the scene.

I’ve discovered the perfect height for my laptop is resting on the couch, while I sit on the floor in front of it. Sitting on the awesome mediation pillow from India is helpful, but not necessary. Get a can of seltzer. The bubbles make you think faster, I swear. Turn on music.

Step Two: Avoid.

Get up. Work out while listening to more music. Decide the cat needs to be located. Locate cat. Repeatedly check phone for perhaps a missed text message that will save you from needing to focus. Return to pillow.

Step Three: Ask the Internet for help.

Hit up FunnyorDie.Com for comic relief. Find this video enjoyable. Discover that even the pros seem to be feeling a little dumb-struck today, but we all really like, “Angry Birds.” Give up on the Internet providing me with anything that isn’t related to what celebrities are wearing to Halloween parties.

Step Four: Force it.

Sometimes, a deadline is a deadline, and you’ve just got to create something. The best you can hope for is to make it slightly entertaining and full of ways for others to distract themselves from their own work.

And therefore I give you:

Baby bear in a grocery store!

A video about Cleveland.

Another awesome Muppet trailer.

And finally, Ryan Gosling eating pizza. (You’re welcome.)

Step Five: Claim Victory!

You know what I just wrote a blog about? How information is shared on the Internet through boredom. I just made myself your source for useless information on a Sunday when everyone is stuck at home. Happy viral video watching! (Thank you, Fellini.)


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