Facebook- Your New Personal Life Coach

*Disclaimer* I’m not a pro. I don’t even have an iPhone (DAMN IT!). Apps scare me. I enjoy Facebook, but I’m by no means an early adopter. (If you want to learn from an early adopter, check out Amadeo Plaza. I’m pretty sure he had an iPad in his crib.) When the new changes rolled out last week, I grumbled, but I understand WHY it happened. I’ve been a little taken aback by some of the strong negative reactions to the updates. And anyone who’s paid even a little attention to social media news is aware that Facebook is about to blow our minds with the Timeline profile.

For those of you who might read this and don’t know what’s happening, I’m telling you now: HOLD ON TO YOUR PANTIES. FACEBOOK IS ABOUT TO CHANGE.  I’m not even going to attempt to explain it. Brian Solis has an awesome blog about it here.

Intense, right? Basically, Facebook is presenting us with a challenge as users. You’re either in or you’re out. Facebook doesn’t have to ask our permission to change anything.  A company can’t stay static (*cough, “Myspace,” cough*), and we don’t pay to use the service. If you don’t like being told how to use your Facebook profile, delete it. Right now. Shut down your account. Why won’t you? Because Facebook has improved your life and you don’t WANT to give it up.

So for those of us who are sticking it out (and admit it, that’s ALL of us), we’re about to have an identity crisis. From my understanding of the Facebook Timeline, I’m going to be a really boring person. The Timeline will be pulling together all my old posts and status updates, so that time I updated with one too many tequila shots in my system is about to come back from the dead. Fantastic. But aside from that, I’ve got nothing. I’ve always kept what I’ve read, watched, and listened to from Facebook specifically because I wanted it private. Anything you put online is public. And anything public is open to scrutiny. I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of allowing scrutiny on what I do in my personal time. The Timeline profile has thrown down the gauntlet. Start sharing, or your profile is just going to be a hollow shell account. Facebook will now NEED you to use sharing apps in order to represent who you are.  Gone are the days when my biggest concern was whether cute boys would like my profile pic. Brian Solis wrote another great blog on how Facebook just bombed the wall between your public and private self (his brain is so dreamy).

Read it here.

So now you’re going to be aware that I watched every single episode of “Mad Men” in a two-week time span from Netflix. You’ll know when I’m having an emo day and have been blaring My Chemical Romance and Alkaline Trio for 5 hours.  First reaction? Ew. Get out of my room! (Slams door.) Second reaction? Well, maybe this isn’t so awful. I’m quirky. Should I be ashamed of that? I’m a nerd. I have awful taste in movies, and frequently Google search for very strange information. My friends love me for this because it makes me real. Maybe Facebook has just brilliantly tricked me into being myself.

With this thought in mind, I’m going to dive into the new Facebook timeline. We all have the option of switching right now, if we’d like. The change will become mandatory at some point in the near future, so why delay the shock to the system? Since I have no intention of deleting my account, I’m going to accept Facebook’s challenge, and let my dork-flag fly.


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