Day Ten: I fall in love hard.

I like music. A lot. There are only a few things that occupy about 95% of my personal time; reading, eating, and listening to music. A hopping night for me is a combination of all three things at once. Don’t even try to interrupt.

I have work-out playlists for the gym that are classified not just by activity, but by what mood I’m in. (Running-Mad, Cycling-Optimistic, Yoga-Emo.) While driving, I can navigate my iPod to new artists and specific songs by counting the wheel clicks. (And I just admitted how old my iPod is…) I have fallen in love with songs with more emotion than I have some past boyfriends. (Sorry, boys, but if you were as perfect as a song we wouldn’t have broken up, now would we?) Music is a big deal for me, okay?

The discovery of Spotify was love at first play. To start, I thought it was something akin to Pandora. I liked Pandora, I did. But like those past boys, it began to ride my nerves. Seriously. Don’t limit how many songs I can skip in an hour. I KNOW WHAT I LIKE AND I DON’T WANT TO HEAR THAT SONG, OKAY??? Also, I’m creature who lives on instant gratification. When I want to hear a certain song, or band, I want to hear it RIGHT now. I don’t want to have to listen to three other bands who sound kind of like that.

I’m being very harsh to poor Pandora. It’s a great free service. It’s a wonderful way to stumble across new music. Basically, he was a nice guy, but wait until you meet my HUNK of a new boy- Spotify. Spotify basically fulfilled all my social media/ music fantasies.

But WHY can’t people send me play lists? 

But WHY can’t I post a song as my Facebook status? Posting just the lyrics makes me look so whiney!

And then Spotify came along and rocked my world. With one click, I can turn on a random radio. Pick a few music genres and maybe hear something new. Craving a certain artist? Just type the name. I can then listen to the song, or the whole album, or (if the artist has clued in) I can listen to a station of stuff THEY like.

Ohhh, and the ability to share the music. Be still my heart. So far, I only have a few Facebook friends on Spotify, but pretty soon, I’m making it mandatory friendship critera. I build a play list. They can listen. They build one. I can listen. We can build one together! It’s one more way to try and suck the cool from my friends so I can have it for myself.

The other night, one of my Facebook friends posted that he was sick of seeing everyone’s music clutter up his news feed. Yes, as you listen to Spotify, it runs the songs through your Facebook page unless you tell it to stop. I felt bad for about 1.5 seconds. Then I remembered that one time he wouldn’t give me change to take the bus home, and I got over it. I bleed music. It’s happening all the time. And I actually love seeing what others are listening to. It gives me inspiration, and jump starts a whole new playlist. He can deal or block my updates. (I say this with affection. He’s a lovely dude, but don’t be dissing my new boyfriend, Spotify.)

I cannot wait for Spotify to break through to a larger audience. I can feel it. It’s going to happen. (It’s totally happening right now.) Then I can run amok through everyone’s music like a vibe-stealing gnome. I also can’t wait until I have a disposable income and can justify getting Spotify Pro. Which means Spotify and I can go to the gym together. We’re SO never breaking up.


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