Day One: Blame it on Shankman

Once, I e-mailed Peter Shankman. (He lives here online.) I couldn’t help it. He dared the readers of his new book, “Customer Service: New Rules for a Social Media World.” He published his e-mail address to prove the point that he takes the time to personally respond to all messages. So while sitting in my bed one night, I whisked off a little note to Mr. Shankman on the same iPad I was using to read the book. I compulsively updated my mail for about 15 mins, and then fell asleep.

The next morning, this little gem awaited me:

Shankman Lives!



I then had to fight the urge to severely abuse his clear trust of his audience and beg him to get me a really awesome public relations gig. I mean, he would HAVE to write me back every time I sent him an obnoxious message. Maybe I could just break his will, and he’d hand me a job just to make me go away.

Totally makes sense. Go with it.

But after the crazy faded a bit, I started thinking a bit more about what his action meant. It meant he was a man of his word. He made a statement and he stood by it.

That simple idea is something I’ve struggled with during my relatively short time in the work force. The world is weird right now. I’ve watched so many businesses make statements and quickly give up on them when the bottom line of $$$ throws up a road block. Nothing drives me more insane than a company that says one thing and does another.

And it’s something I can’t tolerate in myself.

I gathered my degree in Public Relations because I honestly loved it. I loved the problem solving. I loved building a relationship with consumers. I loved putting words on a page in a way that connected with an audience, and gave them my excitement.

This summer I turned 25. Not old, but 19-year-old me that fell in love with marketing would be horrified by the current me. The current me who hasn’t written anything besides e-mails at work in months. The current me who sighs longingly at those who get to do what they love. I woke up one morning horrified that I had told myself something, and I hadn’t followed through.

So it’s time to change that. It’s time for a homework assignment. 30 days of writing. No excuses.

Is it Public Relations? Ehhh, I’ll get to that another day. Will it be the BEST THING EVER?? Probably not. But you know what? I’m really good at being myself. And I’m really good at making noise. So I’ll guarantee a lot of that.


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